How to Write a Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essays are written content meant to pass a strong message that needs to be proved by facts. It can almost be equated to presenting a case before a judge and defending it. As a writer, your role in writing a persuasive essay is to convince the reader that your point of view is the most reasonable one. You must build a strong argument that convinces your reader to take your side or agree with your opinion.
Just like other types of essays, you must do proper research before expressing an opinion. Arguments are won when convincing facts are presented before the reader. It is important to have evidence of what you are opposing, too. This way, you give strong reasons to convince the reader that you are right. You may as well seek expert advice on how to write a persuasive essay for excellent work. Help is a button away.
Essays are common assignments at the university. They are meant to stimulate students to do the analysis of contemporary issues. An example of a persuasive essay could be something like this, “The Senate is debating on whether strict gun laws should be adopted to reduce cases of massacres in school and other social places. Write an essay to convince the Senate to adopt this position.”
From the instructions given, you can see the idea is to convince the audience that, indeed, gun laws need a review as there are increased cases of people misusing guns. Here, you are supposed to convince the audience, not inform it. That is just how persuasive essays work. They are meant to encourage the reader to take your point of view. Now, here is how to write a persuasive essay.

The Process for Writing a Persuasive Essay

The following are five simple guiding essay writing tips that can be very helpful:

1. The pre-writing step.

This is a very important step in essay writing. At this stage, a writer decides on the position to take. While doing this, the targeted audience must be considered. Remember, knowing the reader helps you to decide on the tone of voice to use that will help them be on your side. At this point, you must do your proper research to find the points that will help to interest your readers.

2. Essay Draft.

For a good essay, you will have to think about the introductory statement, which should be very strong to capture the attention of the reader. Next is a thesis that gives the writer’s stand over the subject of discussion. For every paragraph, bring in a new idea to make your essay easy to read. Finish this stage with a concluding paragraph.

3. Revision of the Essay.

This is the stage where you go through your work with the aim of reviewing it.

4. Editing Stage.

At this stage, you are doing proofreading of your work. Any errors that have not been detected at the revision stage should not pass here unnoticed. While you may want to self-edit, having a fresh idea from another person may help infuse a different opinion.

5. Publishing the Essay.

Now is the time to share your work with your audience. For students, you will await your tutor’s decision or feedback. Although some feedback may sound intimidating, it is always important to take it positively as this helps in making improvements.
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