Lord of Mistakes

Ralph is thoughtful, responsible, kind and incompetent. In the allegory Lord of the Flies by William Golding boys stranded on an island paradise turn it into hell. Because the boys chose Ralph to be their leader avoidable mistakes were made that lead to chaos and murder. Ralph undermines Piggy's ability to contribute to the island community's success, doesn't appreciate Jack's leadership qualities and he allows the fear of the beast to take over the littleuns imaginations.
One of the first mistakes Ralph makes that affected the island community is how he underestimated Piggy's academic excellence and the ideas he had to advance their surroundings. "Piggy! Piggy!" Piggy was disrespected and undermined by Ralph since the beginning expressed by name- calling towards Piggy. To him, "Piggy" was a nickname that he was ashamed and mortified due to the bullying that he experienced with the nickname at his hometown. All the boys, including Ralph underestimated Piggy because of his physical appearance making Piggy an outcast. If Ralph had listened to Piggy and his ideas they might've had a more comfortable experience.
Another mistake that Ralph made is undervaluing Jacks leadership qualities. Most of the boys followed what Jack said and were influenced by his adventurous personality. "I'm not going to play anymore. Not with you...I'm not going to be a part of Ralph's lot," While Jack had an adventurous personality he also gave the littluns a sense of security when the beast was all they could think about lurking in the darkness. Jack had told the littluns that he would kill the Beast while Ralph didn't acknowledge the existence of the Beast when the Beast was truly within all of the boys. Jack was the leader of the hunters, because of his lower authority his ideas were never recognized.
The Beast, an imaginary beast that the boys are terrified of but it is the instinct of barbarity that is within all human beings. While the boys thought it was a physical beast, Simon was the only one who realized that the beast was within them. Ralph's error in this situation was denying its existence which did not make the other boys feel safe or any better. As mentioned before, this was when Jack told the boys that he would kill the Beast which made the boys respect and see Jack as more of the leader figure. Because of the subtle, but affecting mistakes that Ralph made, the peaceful island community fell upside down to hell.
Ralph was chosen to be leader because of his looks and the fact that he was the first one to blow the conch. He had very accepting qualities to be leader but overall he never listened and lead the boys to chaos. He didn't listen to Piggy, Jack, and the rest of the boys This lead to the murder of Piggy, Jack going insane, and the littluns always followed the crowd of the more appeasing. Even though Ralph was trying to save the island paradise he was also to blame for turning it into Hell.
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